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Talking about the Method of Maintaining Surface Cleaning of Building

Time:2017-11-17 8:59:53 From:Pizhou Meilinsen International Trade Co.,Ltd.

The coating surface is smooth, Shiny, Waterproof, Fireproof, With excellent Durability (Weatherability, Corrosion resistance, Chemical resistance) and anti-fouling ability, the use of coated plate construction, making the cement mold surface is more smooth, Good demolition of the mold and to avoid the second Guiyu, greatly improve work efficiency and save manpower, materials. While not causing any pollution to the building, you can strictly limit the amount of harmful gas emissions.
When we use the building cover plate, we will find that if the concrete is placed properly, the clay on the building cover will affect the use of the building film. Building covered board to control the concrete pouring after the demolition of the mold time, generally not a large volume or span a large beam of the structure, to the current weather after 24 hours demolition, large volume of concrete 72h demoulding. Prohibit the use of waste templates, switch to the new template, it is recommended to use 8mm-15mm bamboo plastic sheet, if you use the old template can repair the damaged parts of the template. Clean the concrete residue on the template before the next use, and clean a layer of mold release before each time the template is used. On the already condensed and no demoulding of the concrete in time conservation.

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