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What principles should be taken when choosing plywood

Time:2017-11-17 9:00:25 From:Pizhou Meilinsen International Trade Co.,Ltd.

Environmental protection, quality, service is the consumer plywood consumption can not be obtained when the selection criteria, in order to ensure the interests of consumption, for the consumption of the product should adhere to what the basic principles.
To choose the industry which influential big brands. Brand is the quality and strength of the carrier, only the big brands have enough strength and ability to produce E0 products; only big brands will cherish their own brand image and brand value; in the purchase, we must look at the plywood packaging, publicity Single page above whether the E0 logo, many small brands tend to fake some false inspection report to deceive consumers, put themselves hype, commitment to the good plus.
Plywood in the interior decoration, furniture manufacturing plays an important role. But not all plywood can be used indoors. After all, many types of plywood, each plywood in the production level is not the same. Like the use of indoor plywood and people's life and health related to the rest, in the choice of use must be careful.
First of all for the indoor veneer formaldehyde emission should be controlled within a reasonable range, but also that the indoor plywood must meet the health and environmental standards. Plywood in the production process will always use the glue, formaldehyde pollution of the natural health of the human body is low.
In addition, indoor plywood should also have the characteristics of moisture resistance. In the course of the use of plywood more or less will be affected by external environmental conditions. Moisture-proof, wear-resistant for the plywood is very necessary.

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