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Plywood construction should pay attention to matters

Time:2017-11-17 9:01:37 From:Pizhou Meilinsen International Trade Co.,Ltd.

Plywood, also known as plywood, fine core board, is one of the commonly used materials furniture, is a wood-based panel. This is a simple definition for plywood. The following brief description of the plywood construction should pay attention to some of the problems panel: the first three times the use of plywood without release agent, after each use should be cleaned after the board surface, is strictly prohibited with a hard object scraper surface.
2. beam, column mold: cut the template by size, reserved for the location of the bolt through the wall, the column can be used to lock the four sides of the scaffold,
3. the construction of attention: paved paved, before pouring concrete, be sure to pay attention to cover, to prevent the storm exposed, causing the board burst; demolition of the mold, please pay attention to gently take, to avoid high altitude beat; Be sure to clean a good board, and timely brush on the release agent; temporarily need to pad on the wooden side, neat code placed in dry and ventilated place.
4. the top model: first in the scaffolding on the cross-shop wood, spacing 1.2 meters, and then the vertical shop wooden side, spacing 0.4-0.6 meters, pouring concrete thickness of more than 200 mm, the spacing should be small.
5. wall mold: plywood after the vertical laying three wooden side, and then cross the shop two wooden side of the link, to stay good through the wall screw position, stand a good bracing. Conditional, horizontal available steel leng coupling to form a modular wall model, can be directly connected.

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