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The advantages of a strong film

Time:2017-11-17 9:02:12 From:Pizhou Meilinsen International Trade Co.,Ltd.

The film is made of high-quality wood-based panels covered with a layer of coated paper, coated paper and wood-based panels by thermal pressure and the formation of building cover plate; coated film surface smooth, shiny bright, waterproof, fire, with excellent Durability (weather resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance) and anti-fouling ability, the use of coated plate construction, making the cement mold surface is relatively smooth, can be better demolition of mold and to avoid secondary drape, greatly improve work efficiency And save manpower, material. While not causing any pollution to the building, you can strictly limit the amount of harmful gas emissions.
Advantages of architectural coatings
1.anti-fumes: from PVC high-ray film processing, easy to clean.
2. wear-resistant: unique PET layer, durable.
3.anti-moisture: surface coating, relief of water and aluminum direct contact, durability and strong.
4. feel good: the surface of a layer of film, touch smooth, changing the metal material cold single feeling.
5. color and more: from a variety of colors to choose from.
6. the price is moderate, good value for money.

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