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Which brand is the best choice for buying flooring?

Time:2019-5-10 8:58:49
1. Should be purchased in the regular company and its subordinate stores, shopping malls, exhibition halls and building materials supermarkets. Regular companies are guaranteed service. Do not be greedy, cheap, so-called brick vendors to buy, in order to avoid construction maintenance and other service problems, endless trouble. The other party is required to issue an official invoice.
2. For imported products, the supplier shall provide the latest customs declaration to ensure that the products are pure imports. In addition, according to the relevant national laws and regulations, imported products should provide quality inspection reports of relevant domestic authorities to ensure product quality.
3. Choose products with better performance and price, that is, the same quality is better than price, and the same price is better than quality.
4. Choose the color of multi-layer solid wood floor according to personal hobbies and living environment (such as light, etc.). Generally speaking, light-colored floors with poor lighting conditions are preferred, and dark-colored floors with stronger personality are preferred.
5. Select multi-layer solid wood flooring to choose a better wear-resistant surface. At present, the surface coating of pottery lacquer is the best on the market, which can be checked by touching the surface as smooth as satin and scratching with fingernails.
6. Choose products with low formaldehyde content. Because it concerns health and safety.
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